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Finding the perfect home for rent can be a challenge! It can take a long time to narrow down the right location, decide what you need in a home, and find that perfect home in just the right location. But what if you had access to even more homes than the average renter?

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Not only are we Northwestern PA and Western NY’s most trusted advisors in buying and selling real estate, but we also give home renters access to a unique database of nontraditional rental homes. That is to say, our agents can help you search for homes from home sellers that are looking to rent their properties.

(Struggling to sell your home? Let us help you rent it out!)

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Why Your Property Manager is Important

It's not just the home that matters when renting—you want to know you’re renting from a reliable landlord or property manager!

Benefits of renting
One of the biggest benefits to renting a home is that any issues that arise (think: leaks, outages, or repairs) aren’t usually your responsibility, financially or otherwise. If you suddenly notice dripping water, you don’t have to call up the repairman or break out the toolbox…but you’d better hope your landlord will!

Why rent with us
Renting from an established and reliable property management group means a lot when renting. It means that when you pick up the phone, you can be sure your call will be answered and we will respond to your issues not “soon,” but immediately! We’ve got a long list of vendors, contractors, and other local contacts who can respond to resident needs ASAP.

Ready to Find the PERFECT Rental...
From a GREAT Property Manager?

Our MMRES floor time agents (agents who answer inquiry calls) get asked about available rentals all the time. We’re able to help match these rental requests to sellers who are urgently trying to occupy their properties—which means we can place you with the perfect home stat!

What’s more, as property managers, we pride ourselves on customer service and even help you strategize a plan to own your own home in the future. Make sure to ask your MMRES property manager about the financial opportunities that are available for first-time homeowners.

Struggling to Sell Your Home?

Has your home been on the market a long time—long enough that you’ve moved out? If you’ve struggled to find a buyer for your property, renting can be a better option than leaving your home vacant. Renting helps offset your monthly mortgage payments AND keeps your home in shape for browsing buyers. Contact Marsha Marsh Real Estate Services to find out how we can help you maintain and rent your home.

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