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Thinking of buying a new construction property or building your own brand-new home from the ground up? It's important to understand the process and all the steps it entails—so go ahead and schedule a consultation with one of our new construction experts today.

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Need help buying or building new construction? Good news—we offer consultations exclusively to walk through the new construction process!

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What You Should Consider
Before Tackling New Construction

As you might imagine, the process of building a new home from the ground up is a bit more involved than simply buying an already-built home—so here’s what you should consider before you start digging up dirt.


Find a Realtor

It’s crucial to find an agent who specializes in new construction and has good rapport with local builders.

How long will building take?

Building a new home definitely doesn’t happen overnight, especially if you want to ensure a quality-built home. Typically you’re looking at a timeline between 6 and 12 months, though this can go longer depending on several factors, including your home size, the weather, and other unforeseen issues.

What's your new construction wishlist? And can you afford it? 

Before you start talking to builders, be sure you know what you can afford and exactly what you’re looking for.

Shop for land

There are many things you’ll want to consider when finding the perfect piece of land, especially determining the prime location. You’ll want to check and see if your preferred community works only with exclusive builders or requires a developer-approved builder.


Interview multiple builders

Have your loan pre-approval and home wishlist handy as you start comparing offers from various builders. Once you find a builder, they can help you understand what’s possible for your budget, and whether your ideal home is compatible with your preferred land location and topography.

Analyze the terrain 

When it comes time to start making architectural plans, you'll want to ensure that you select a lot with prime terrain for your property to be built on. Your architect can help you make necessary changes to your home designs based on your land.

The New Construction Process

Want to learn more about the construction phase of the building timeline? Here are all the details.


This is the “paperwork” phase when you meet with your builder to create and approve plans, then submit them to your local permit office. Your builder should handle all the legal aspects and acquire necessary permits, including building, electricity, and plumbing permits.

Laying the Foundation

First, the basement is dug out. Then, the concrete footer and foundation are installed, and the water and electric lines are brought in.

Framing & Major Construction

This is where your home starts to look like a house! Exterior and interior walls are constructed, structural steel is installed, and roof trusses are completed. Next, the roof is built and insulation gets installed. Doors and windows come next, then HVAC, plumbing, water lines, and electrical wires. At this point, you’ll likely have some structural, electrical, and plumbing inspections to ensure everything is up to code.

Interior & Exterior Finishing

Now that the shell is complete, the details start appearing. The walls and roof are insulated, HVAC and fireplaces are installed, drywall is hung and painted, floors are laid, and things like cabinets, countertops, interior doors, and fixtures are installed. At the same time, brick or siding will be added, along with decks and porches.

The Finishing Touches

Once the last little details are complete, you and your builder will do a walk-through to make any last-minute adjustments. Your builder will educate you on the details and inner workings of your home. Then, it’s time to get your keys!

Why Choose Our New Construction Experts?

"Marsha was very responsive, flexible, and she helped us to negotiate a solid deal. She went out of her way to take care of several items to ensure the transaction was completed in a timely manner and that all parties were happy. She was very knowledgeable of the market, guided us through the process, but also let us make the decisions at our convenience without being pushy. She has followed up several times since the sale to ensure we were pleased with our purchase."

– Happy Homeowner

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By giving us your phone number and email address, you are giving Client Care of Marsha Marsh Real Estate Services permission to contact you via email, phone, or text.