Understand the Home Buying Process

Let's face it: While buying a home can be an exciting time, it can also be stressful. After all, there are so may things to think about!  From securing a home loan to navigating the market of available homes, from passing inspections to getting

Step 1: Get Smart with Our Erie Home Buyer's Guide

We are pleased to offer our home buyers a valuable and easy-to-use Home Buying Guide. Here you'll find everything you need to navigate the home buying process.

We've organized our valuable Home Buying Guide around the common steps that every home buyer takes, including:

Step 2: Be a Smarter Erie County Homebuyer

Ready to get started learning valuable information and encouraging tips that will help you enjoy a successful outcome at every single one of these home buying step? It's our way of making the home buying process here in Northwest Pennsylvania and Western New York a little less overwhelming for you as a buyer, regardless of whether it's your first time buying a home or the fourth time!

We Even Include Bonus Items!

We've also included a number of bonus features in our buying guide as well, such as:

  • Moving Checklist
  • Helping Kids Cope With the Move
  • Utilities Information
  • And even a Glossary of Real Estate Terms!

Step 3: Even More Home Buying Resources

As real estate agents with years of experience in Northwest PA and Western NY, we've had a lot of time to develop a comprehensive tool kit for our clients that extends past just one buying guide.

To that end, we wanted to tell you about some additional home-buying resources that we offer to home buyers in the area. All of these resources work in concert with one another to help you enjoy success as a home buyer on the market!

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