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Selling your home is a journey, and you need the best tools available to navigate the home selling process. We have a thorough selling guide that takes you through each step of the home selling process, offering checklists, real estate terms, and home selling tips along the way — at no cost to you.

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Maximizing Your Home's Value 

Learn How to Price Your Erie Home Competitively

Discover different approaches to home evaluation and what factors are important when considering Erie property values. (Hint: Homeowner needs can impact a property's sale value.)

Calculate Your Selling Expenses

There are many steps and costs associated with selling your home and determining an accurate listing price. Access a list of what costs to expect when selling your home, including closing costs, capital gains tax, and moving expenses.

Know What to Expect when Marketing Your Erie Home

With over 90% of home buyers and sellers scouring the internet for information, it's important to broadcast your home for sale where all the traffic is — online.

Learn From These Numbers

30% Of sellers mispriced their homes, resulting in longer than expected sales or no sales.

2/3 Of sellers miscalculated the costs of selling a home.

95% Of homebuyers shop for a home online. Learn where to market to them.

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