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Ready to have someone take the responsibility of your investment property off of your shoulders? Tell us more and let us help you out.

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Do you own an investment or rental property but struggle to find qualified tenants? Are you tired of spending time and money advertising, responding to maintenance calls, and completing repairs? Marsha Marsh Real Estate Services is here to help! Learn more about how our Property Management Services can help make managing your rental property a breeze. Ready to get started? Give us a call or shoot us an email any time!

What is a Property Manager?

Simply put, a property manager handles all the details of the rental experience—from finding qualified tenants to troubleshooting issues to responding to maintenance issues. We take all the headaches out of owning a property while creating cash flow for the property owner.

What Does a Property Manager Do?

We primarily serve as a liaison between the property owner and the tenant. This includes things like:

  • Credit screenings, rental history, and income verification on applicants
  • Handling lease agreements
  • Scheduling maintenance/repair issues
  • Taking care of ancillary services like snowplowing and lawn care

Why Use a Property Manager?

Because we take the stress out of investment property ownership! With a database and relationships with contractors and vendors, we are able to quickly troubleshoot issues and repairs that would take the typical homeowner much longer to address.

Why Work with Marsha Marsh Real Estate Services?

Our primary goal as property managers is to keep your property fully occupied with dependable tenants and minimize expenses and inefficiencies—thereby maximizing your profits! Secondarily, we want to create a stress-free experience for you as a property owner.

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