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Why Choose Marsha Marsh Real Estate Services?

Renting from an established and reliable property management group means a lot when renting. It means that when you pick up the phone, you can be sure your call will be answered and we will respond to your issues not “soon,” but immediately! We’ve got a long list of vendors, contractors, and other local contacts who are able to respond to resident needs ASAP.

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What Our Clients Are Saying...

"My family and I relocated to Erie last year, which is when I came into contact with Nathan during our search for a rental. Here's the first awesome thing - texting! No longer do you have to awkwardly talk on the phone to a complete stranger to get information or end up in their voicemail because they can't talk! With Nathan you get immediate responses to everything because he's embraced texting from a real-estate perspective! While he couldn't help us before we moved (we have five kids, so our needs were unique.)
After spending a year in a home that was kind of falling apart around us, I contacted Nathan again - and he remembered me! He agreed to show me a property on my schedule and, when I didn't like it, immediately had other places in mind and showed them to me without any hesitation - finding us the perfect fit!
Signing the lease and doing the walkthrough - super easy! Also, sending over cleaning and maintenance for anything that we need and always being available to us are just a couple of awesome management services. He'd probably babysit for me if I really needed it!
Most importantly, I haven't, at any moment, felt like I was being taken for a ride or swindled. Sometimes you can just tell when someone is trying to sell you and doesn't really care about you, but it wasn't like that at all.
I definitely recommend Nathan and Marsha Marsh to anyone in need of a real estate services."

– Jill W.

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The Advantages of a Property Manager


Finding Qualified Tenants

Including credit screenings, previous rental history, and income verification.

Maintenance & Troubleshooting

Including scheduled upkeep and repairs*, lawn care and snowplowing, and addressing resident issues.

Legal & Financial

Including rental agreements, rental payments, and foreclosure proceedings.

What is a Property Manager?

What Does a Property Manager Do?

We primarily serve as a liaison between the property owner and the tenant. This includes things like:

  • Credit screenings, rental history, and income verification on applicants
  • Handling lease agreements
  • Scheduling maintenance/repair issues
  • Taking care of ancillary services like snowplowing and lawn care

Why Use a Property Manager?

Because we take the stress out of investment property ownership! With a database and relationships with contractors and vendors, we are able to quickly troubleshoot issues and repairs that would take the typical homeowner much longer to address.

Why Work with Marsha Marsh Real Estate Services?

Our primary goal as property managers is to keep your property fully occupied with dependable tenants and minimize expenses and inefficiencies—thereby maximizing your profits! Secondarily, we want to create a stress-free experience for you as a property owner.

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By giving us your phone number and email address, you are giving Client Care of Marsha Marsh Real Estate Services permission to contact you via email, phone, or text.