The Advantages of Building a Home vs. Buying Resale

Both building and buying an older home have their advantages—from price to personal preference. But although it is possible to find an older home that suits your tastes and needs, there are a number of reasons to choose new construction homes over resale homes.

Why Choose to Build a New Home?

1. You Get Exactly What You Want

One of the biggest reasons buyers choose to build is because they want to ensure they’re getting exactly what they want and need in a home. It can take quite a while to find a home of the right size and style with all the amenities you want and need in a home that’s also in the right location. When you build, you’re in control and make all the decisions, from size to style to amenities to location.

2. Overall Costs

True, resale homes are often cheaper up front. But they do have a lot of hidden costs down the road that you may not foresee… such as maintenance problems, renovations and upgrades, and other things like homeowners insurance and energy costs.

3. Energy Efficiency

Did you know that modern homes are 30% more energy efficient than older homes? What does that mean for you? Comfort in all seasons—and money saved on your monthly utility bills. The cause? New homes have to be more efficient; new building codes mandate a higher level of energy efficiency.

Plus, new technology, like programmable and remote-controlled thermostats, low-E windows, high-energy HVAC systems, and Energy Star appliances (just to name a few), provide plenty of options for lowering energy consumption and costs.

4. Higher Safety Standard

Older homes can have hidden problems, like older wiring or plumbing. New homes, however, are up to spec with the latest building codes, ensuring that your home, and its occupants, suffer less risk from disasters like fires or floods. Many new homes also offer the option of installing advanced sprinkler or alarm systems to offer added protection.

5. Lower Homeowners Insurance

New roofs, new plumbing, stricter building and electrical codes, and higher overall safety means less risk for insurance companies. And ultimately, that means a lower bill for you!

Need More Reasons for Building a Home?

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