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Benefit From an Open House

With the accessibility of online information, virtual tours and videos, and beautiful home pictures, are open houses a thing of the past? Decidedly not! Open houses offer important benefits to both home buyers AND home sellers, so don't dismiss this wonderful opportunity!


Why should you ATTEND an open house? There are many ways in which attending open houses can be beneficial to both new and experienced home-buyers, and as such, we highly recommend open houses to everyone searching for a home.

Here are some of the ways in which open houses benefit home buyers:

Get your feet wet. You don’t have to be ready to make an offer, or even be working with an agent to attend an open house, and it can be a great place to start thinking about your home needs and wants.

Talk to agents. Assuming you don’t have an agent yet, open houses are a good way to introduce yourself and meet the hosting agents. Just be aware that the agent for that particular home is working on behalf of the seller.

Meet the neighbors. Curious neighbors will often stop by, so say hello, ask questions about the community, and get a feel for what the neighborhood is really like.

Explore the home. Open houses are a no-pressure way to browse around a home you think you might be interested in without having to schedule a showing or involve an agent.

Ask questions. You can never ask too many questions! Find out about the neighborhood and local schools, specifics of the home (age of roof, appliances, previous problems, etc.), even reasons for the seller’s move.

Check out the competition. Are you alone at this open house or is it crowded with potential buyers? Checking out who else is present can help you determine how much interest there is in the home.

Pro tip: Before you attend an open house, study listings to find homes that best meet your (anticipated) criteria and preferences. This can limit the number of open houses you attend, and keep a fun experience from becoming an arduous task. And don’t forget to look around, listen to other visitors, and ask questions!


Why should you HOLD an open house? The short answer is that it’s a great way to get the word out about your house and expand your potential buyer pool. The more people that come, the more chances you have of selling your home for top-dollar.

Here are some of the ways in which open houses benefit home sellers:

Attract a wider pool of buyers. Buyers attending open houses aren't required to be represented by an agent, so that means you'll likely have a larger and more diverse group of buyers stopping by for a tour. This could mean getting a few folks just starting out in the buying process, but a casual buyer can easily turn into a serious buyer if they like what they see!

Offer a relaxed viewing opportunity. A one-on-one showing might be intimidating to some buyers, but an open house gives viewers a chance to explore at their leisure. So put some snacks out on your table, welcome your visitors, and make them feel at home.

Stage your home beautifully — once. A successful open house might mean just one beautiful staging, instead of constantly worrying that your home looks ready to show on a moment’s notice.

Invite the neighbors over. Many viewers are attracted to the social aspect of open houses—a chance to talk to other buyers and compare competition, meet the neighbors, and get a better idea of what the neighborhood is really like.

Pro tip: Set the stage and smile! Make sure the yard is neat and organized, decor is modest and tasteful, and your home is sparkling clean and tidy. And be ready to greet your guests with a warm smile and enthusiasm (or step back and let your agent do all the work!).

Marsha Marsh Real Estate Added Bonuses

Bonus 1: March begins the annual 4-week Marsh Madness Open House Tournament, which gives home buyers the chance to win great prizes by visiting and registering at any open house sponsored by Marsha Marsh Real Estate Services. As an added bonus, we donate $5 to the United Way of Erie County for every visitor.

Bonus 1: Pick up a Buyer’s Guide Workbook at any Marsha Marsh Real Estate Services-sponsored open house! This guidebook was developed specifically by Marsha Marsh Real Estate Services and is packed full of valuable home buying and closing information, helpful tips, and even a moving checklist.

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