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Erie, PA

Boaters, swimmers, outdoor enthusiasts, and anyone looking for their own slice of paradise will fall in love with the charm of a lakefront home. Coastal properties are always in demand here in Erie, and there are plenty of benefits that come with owning a home on the shores of New York or Pennsylvania's best lakes.

Thinking about investing in your own waterfront home? Here's everything you need to consider before you buy.

Lakefront Homes in Pennsylvania & New York

Why Buy a Lake Home?


Endless Recreation

Swim, boat, fish, paddleboard, hike—the recreational options truly are endless when you have your own lake house!


Great Resale Value

Waterfront homes are always in high demand, which means they tend to hold their value better than landlocked properties.


Stunning Views

Not much beats the pristine views of Lake Erie or Lake Conneaut. Go ahead—picture yourself watching the sunset along the water. It truly is breathtaking!


Vacation Potential

With your own lakefront property, you'll always have a private respite for vacation—and you can also rent it out when you aren't using it.


Less Maintenance

Believe it or not, the average lake house often costs less and is easier to maintain than a beach house.

Spotlight Lakefront Communities

Erie, PA

As its name suggests, Erie borders the stunning Lake Erie—and this town boasts plenty of waterfront homes, as well as a host of exciting activities.

Conneaut Lake, PA

This small but growing resort town is truly a hidden gem. Here, you'll encounter some serene lakefront cottages, as well as a spacious coastal park.

Chautauqua Lake, NY

This 13,000-acre lake is ideal for any kind of outdoor recreation, and its namesake town has plenty of attractions to keep you busy all summer long.

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